Battery box and electrical.

I decided to mount the two new batteries under the floor near the spare tire in the back. They were just going to take up too much room inside the van and too much of a pain to vent. The next step was trying to figure out how to mount them under the van. I found some metal pieces in my neighbors shed that she was kind of enough to donate to the cause. I get a lot of joy out of cobbling together found parts to make something useful. I hope to get this electrical wrapped up in a week or so. 


The girls worked really had on getting these curtains made and they turned out great! We will have to get some pitures up when we get them all hung properly. 

Pinchot with Ann.

We made another run to Pinchot. This time Mandy's lovely mom Ann is came with us. It was a lot of fun and she now likes camping and wants to come again. Hopfully we can get another one in soon. 

The box building

We (I) originally were planning on building one box that covered half the van, but after talking about it with Mandy, we called an audible and made two boxes with a passage in the middle. We had a few wierd things to work around and had to customize them a bit, but we are happy with the way they turned out. We will finish them at some point with carpet. But for now they work just fine.

Ceiling insulation and modification.

Our ceiling was really falling apart and had all kinds of air ducting from the factory which was getting in the way. So we took it down and removed the crappy headliner. 

After getting the factory adhesive off by rubbing it with heavy duty rubber gloves until it pilled up and fell off (not unlike balling up 10,000 boogers), we started cutting off the air ducting as best as we could. 

We used more reflectix to apply to the outside of the celing panel to smooth out where we cut the air duct from, and give us a clean surface to apply a new headliner sometime in the future. 


It has taken us quite a while to insulate her. We used a thin pink insulation against the metal, and reflectix on top of that. I think we used 3M 90 between the van and the pink, and 3M 80 on the next layer. Though I may be mixing those up. 

Long pause and creepiness.

We did go one more time to Pinchot, but am not sure we got any pictures. Then we sort of got distracted for a while and left the van alone.

I had a gas tank leak that was bumming me out for a while. I would smell gas sometimes, and I could not for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. Its a big tank, and I did not feel like trying to drop it in the driveway, so I took it to our mechanic to look at it over the winter.  It ended up that I poked a hole in the tank when I was patching the floor. Dennis, our mechanic, called me and said "I found a perfect 1/4inch hole below a shinny new rivet". haha. It was not an expensive fix, but it was a pain for him (turns out my fuel gauge doesn't work right either. It shows empty when it still has 20 gallons in it, which makes it heavier than expected...). 

I am also battling an O2 sensor problem that will not go away. I have replaced sensors, which did not help. After getting code reader, I realize that the O2 sensors work only after they warm up. So I believe the problem is that the voltage that is supposed to heat the sensors, may not be sending. But it seems to run fine after it warms up, but it always throws the code. Oh well.

Anyhow, after giving her a tune up, I am motivated to get started on the camper van part of it again. But during the hiatus, we did use if for other stuff; like getting 100 balloons for my niece's birthday. I cant imagine what kind of creeper I looked like putting those in the van at Walmart.

Fantastic Vent

We put in our Fantastic Fan and made a little battery box to power it and a few little accessories. The box is temporary, but it will due for now. We are getting ready for a little test run to Pinchot State Park to see how we like it.