FT Hood trip Jan Feb 2016

During the week I went to a few different spots around Belton Lake. Nothing too crazy, saw lots of deer, which were a bit smaller than ours, but not tiny like I have seen in NC. Saw a bunch of free range cattle, which was neat. Did some trail blazing and ended up using deer/pig trails.  Never saw any pigs, bummer.

Saturday I went to Balcones Canyonlands, Doeskin Ranch Public Use Area, which had 5 or so miles of hiking. Seemed really well maintained and not many people out there. Also went into Austin and spent 1:40 in line at this truck to get BBQ. It was real good, and I was happy to do it once, but nothing is worth that kind of wait to me.



Sunday I went to Colorado Bend State park, which I found out has nothing to do with the big Colorado River. It was a really nice park though. Got 9 or so miles in that day. I was beat afterward. The round was all rocky and uneven, but cool to see. 

Here is the crane arm that I was teaching soldiers about. Nothing special, but it was ok.


Every night in Killeen (the town I stayed in), thousands of black birds, of some sort, would roost in the the electric lines all over the city.